It's time to ca$h in on your STYLE!!  

CONSIGNING WITH US is a great way to make extra money from items you no longer use, however are still stylish and in excellent condition. It's good for the environment, the economy and your wallet! If you follow the suggestions below you'll save yourself a lot of time and earn a lot more money when you consign.

Our Customers: 
Echo Trends customers are mostly young women between the ages of 25 and 50. They want fashionable name-brand clothing either for themselves or for their trendy kids...without spending a lot of money. They don't want to spend time picking through racks of outdated clothes in an overcrowded, musty smelling store.

ATTICA's customers are guys and gals from preteen to young adult.  They're looking for the expensive stuff!  Names like Lululemon, Hollister, Abercrombie and Baby Phat, Akedmiks, Ecko and even Tap Out!  These guys and gals want FRESH, as close to new as possible clothing!  Current, current, current!!  If you've worn something a couple times and purchased it a month ago...well now we're talkin'! lol  OK so we're not that demanding but close! :)  These kids are   P I C K Y!!  Keep it current and you should be fine :)  Keep it clean and wrinkle free is important too!

Our Mission:
Our goal at Echo Trends is to provide only the best quality, trendy clothing (name brands being the better sellers) and accessories. We strive to keep our store clean and modern and provide our customers with a shopping experience similar to what they would find in a mall store or specialty boutique. We have the ability to accept credit cards, and debit, and have a fully computerized database system to adequately process inventory.  We advertise on radio stations, newspapers and have a large list of email subscribers (who benefit from special promotions to ladies night out parties and much more!) we also have an Echo Trends on Facebook.  We offer the convenience of a large up to date and stylish inventory.

Our merchandise:
The very first thing our customers look for when purchasing clothing is the "cute" factor. They have to like the style of the item before they look to check the price, condition or label. When we accept clothing on consignment we have to keep the preferences of our customers in mind. When you are getting your items ready to consign follow these simple guidelines:

Cute & Current:
Bring in only those items that are less than 2 years old and are still in style. Make sure the items are for the appropriate season (No shorts in November, no sweaters in April!) Remember name-brands sell best, however with kids growing so fast this criteria isn't as important as condition for Echo is important for Attica. Keep in mind that our customers are looking for cute and trendy not old and faded!

Look over all your items in good light before bringing them in.  Make sure there are no stains, holes or missing buttons. Check for fading, pilling or worn areas. Make sure they are clean and fresh smelling (non-smokers don't like clothes that smell of smoke). Bring the items in freshly laundered and folded neatly into a box or paper shopping bag, trying to keep them as wrinkle free as possible.  All ladies clothing is to come in pressed and on hangers for quick evaluation.

We accept 40 items or less at a time...remember ALL items must be freshly laundered and free of stains, rips, fading, pilling etc

We continually revise our acceptance standards to follow sales trends.

We also accept on consignment:

Movies: DVD'S, CD's



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